Sonntag, 30. Oktober 2016

Conference organization 101

To run a conference is a lot of work. And I know what I am talking about: I am part of the organization team of FrOSCon since years, and also was one of the main organizers of EuroPython 2014, PyCon.DE 2013, and ProvenanceWeek 2014. I also organize internal workshops for work and help our at a lot of other conferences I attend.

To make this work easier (especially IT) people tend to develop tools which support them. The problem is that these tools often stay internal or at least completely invisible.

To change this I held for the first time a talk on my own conference and presented (open source) tools which were created by conference organizers for conference organizers.
Unfortunately (for Non-German speakers) the talk is in German.

If you dislike YouTube, you can also watch and download the video here:

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